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IT'S SHAPING up to be an interesting fall book-wise for your intrepid blogger, so I'm going to over-share. Metaphysical Graffiti got a tremendous review recently in the British press. Actually, “tremendous” may not do it justice. Here’s the beginning: ERUDITE, caustic and hilarious, Seth Kaufman’s essays in Metaphysical Graffiti are creative non-fiction writing at its best. The review, written by Andy Hedgecock in the U.K.’s socialist daily paper,, says many other nice things, and the final paragraph is actually even more complementary than the first. I'd quote it here, but even I have limits. It is for sale right now only at But it is available to order on

Woke Insurance of America

By Seth Kaufman Summary of Wokeness Policy Benefits and Coverage COVERAGE RULES WIA policies are open to any and all woke, woke-deficient, woke-aspiring and woke-transitioning Americans regardless of age, gender, or hours spent watching Fox News. WIA does reserve the right to refuse policies on a case-by-case basis but extends its empathy and compassion to all WIA applicants, who should not interpret such refusal as a judgment on their degree of wokeness, although that is an understandable natural response. PROTECTION: Covered individuals will qualify for monetary reimbursement, legal protection, and the general wokeness services and training offered by WIA for the following conditions and s

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