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IT'S SHAPING up to be an interesting fall book-wise for your intrepid blogger, so I'm going to over-share.

Metaphysical Graffiti got a tremendous review recently in the British press. Actually, “tremendous” may not do it justice. Here’s the beginning:

ERUDITE, caustic and hilarious, Seth Kaufman’s essays in Metaphysical Graffiti are creative non-fiction writing at its best.

The review, written by Andy Hedgecock in the U.K.’s socialist daily paper,, says many other nice things, and the final paragraph is actually even more complementary than the first. I'd quote it here, but even I have limits. It is for sale right now only at But it is available to order on Amazon for January release.

Meanwhile, on Sept. 4, a book I co-wrote with Hall of Fame Basketball coach Rick Pitino will be released. That book—Pitino: My Story—is generating a lot of buzz. ESPN’s Jay Bilas tweeted: “What a compelling book. From the NCAA to the FBI to a detailed history of how the money influence has changed the game, like him or not, Pitino’s book is gripping stuff.”

TV hoops legend Dick Vitale also posted, calling the book “a super READ!”

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