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Godot, The Musical

In seven body-rocking minutes, this video recasts Samuel Beckett's brilliant Waiting for Godot as the story of two down-and-out hype-men who are stuck on stage awaiting the arrival of their vaunted MC. It stars Yohance Barton and James Maloney, two Brooklyn-based talents, who play Gogo and Didi, respectively. They are the bomb, but don't take my word for it.. Long-time New York actor and voice-over giant Chuck Montgomery appears as Pozzo. Up-and-comer Grier Montgomery plays Lucky. Bijan Navab plays The Boy.

The music for Godot, The Musical was a collective effort. I wrote the lyrics and worked out of the vocal lines with James and Yohance. James actually looped the initial beat, after I asked him for some old school beats. Raymond St. Denis doctored the loops and added some great additional samples. Then Christopher Hoffman, better known as one New York's finest cellists (Yoko Ono, Henry Threadgill), crafted the chorus and mixed the whole thing.

The song—soundtrack?—is available on the usual streaming services and digital music stores.

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